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Jon Stewart’s Rally for Insanity: Self-Righteousness, Hatred, and Hypocrisy

Sunday, October 31st, 2010
Insane leftists who are for killing of innocent human beings pretending that their opposition is crazy and Hitler-like. Oh, the irony. MSNBC fair use.
Insane, irrational leftists who are for killing of innocent human beings, all the while pretending that their opposition is crazy and Hitler-like. Oh, the irony.

I’ve enjoyed some of Jon Stewart’s comedy over the years, but enough is enough of the hypocrisy, double-think, and irrationality. Stewart often does point out problems in the media and politics, but he is often unfair in his treatment and reserves most of his scorn for those who are conservative. For example, he’s told Sarah Palin “f*ck you” when he disagreed with her painting big-city liberals as unAmerican. Other times he has used rude, crass, and idiotic attempts at humor to demean those with whom he disagrees, whether it’s saying false allegations against Republicans or just being generally mean-spirited.

Which is why it’s so strange that he would term his recent march a “call for rationality” and a “moderate march,” when it was filled with mostly leftists carrying hateful signs and irrational rhetoric.  Politico explained Stewart’s (pretend) motive:

The Rally to Restore Sanity, which merged with Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive, had been advertised as nonpolitical. Stewart insisted it was “a clarion call for rationality” and a collective plea for the nation to stop yelling and show more respect to those they disagree with.

I’m all for respecting people with whom you disagree, but it’s almost always the leftists/Marxisists/”progressives”/Democrats who are smearing the opposition instead of addressing their arguments, whether it’s (unbelievably) Democrats/liberals making fun of a poor innocent child who has Down syndrome and whose mother is Sarah Palin, or Democrats attacking conservative women who run for office with sick and sexist “jokes” which aren’t funny. Case in point: Jon Stewart allowed people in with signs that read “I masturbate to [conservative politician] Christine O’Donnell” and signs depicting Hitler mustaches on Republicans and conservative commentators, including Jewish Republican Eric Cantor. Ironically, the signs read “(in)sanity! and “afraid yet?”

Fact: Jon Stewart’s minions are the irrational ones stoking fear and hatred. It’s time he addressed this on his show. If Stewart does not address and condemn those signs, then he shows who he truly is: a highly partisan, self-righteous hack filled with hatred toward those with whom he disagrees, all the while pretending to be against hatred and irrationality. The hypocrisy is unbelievable, since the only ones stoking false fears and irrationality are those pretending to be against them! You can’t make this up.

Related: Apparently there are more hateful signs that were allowed into the rally, such as “Death to Right Wing Extremists (but in a nice way),” some people who were either pro-pedophilia or making a “joke” about a sickening and evil act of child abuse (not surprising coming from liberals since Stewart makes light of the evil organization NAMBLA which advocates pedphilia, on his show. It’s not funny.), God hates ideologues (no He doesn’t, because then He’d hate everyone since everyone has a philosophy, but He does hate the self-righteousness at this damned rally), and of  course leftists calling people “teabaggers” and “crazy” and implying that people who believe in God “hear voices” and are therefore crazy. Hat tip, and for more photos, see: DirectorBlue

Progressive "tolerance" by a Jon Stewart fan. Calling good bad, and bad good is normal for these folk.

Progressive "tolerance" by a Jon Stewart fan. Calling good bad, and bad good is normal for these folk.


God hates this guy's hypocrisy and false sign. Oh and the self-righteousness too. That other sign is so... what's the word... classy! Only a classy person would hold that sign. But in all seriousness this guy wouldn't know God if He was right in front of him in the flesh. It's funny how leftists use the rhetoric of religion for their hatred toward others but really don't believe in God.

God hates this guy's hypocrisy and false sign. Oh and the self-righteousness too. That other sign is so... what's the word... classy! Only a classy person would hold that sign. But in all seriousness this guy wouldn't know God if He was right in front of him in the flesh. It's funny how leftists use the rhetoric of religion for their hatred toward others but really don't believe in God. Another socialist from decades ago did that, too, and he had a very small mustache.

When are Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and the Daily Show going to repudiate such hatred? I’m hearing crickets. The crickets are chirping because deep down all the partisan media that promoted this leftist, extremist march agree with these signs. But shhhh it’s a secret. You see, they’re “rational” and “moderate.”

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Update: In another article from Yahoo! News, Stewart said at the rally “came to play nice. He decried the ‘extensive effort it takes to hate’ and declared ‘we can have animus and not be enemies.” Note to Stewart: preach this to your sycophantic drone followers. Also, where was this “rally for sanity” when the insane left was calling Bush “Hitler” for years (and still do occasionally) even though his policies–pro-life, anti-terror–are the opposite of Nazi policies?

Reasons NOT to vote for Mike Huckabee

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Another presidental candidate from Arkansas who
plays an instrument and can play the masses, too.

All this hoopla about Mike Huckabee is a joke. Why? Just go to any conservative or liberal magazines, blogs, or even pick up a newspaper and see why. Educate yourself. Huckabee is lauded as some conservative, but he’s for higher taxes, soft on crime (he once even let a rapist out of jail, who later killed a woman), and is for porous and uncontrollable borders. But it’s not just conservatives who have a problem with him. Liberals point out that Huckabee once advocated rounding up people with AIDS and locking them up, even though AIDS is not transmitted through the air which might justify a quarantine; it requires sexual or IV/blood contact to transmit. Liberals also point out that Huckabee has even refused to sign off on aid for disaster relief for victims of a natural disaster.

It’s awesome that Huckabee is pro-life and wants to expand children’s healthcare (as long as it’s done the right way). Abortion is disgusting and the killing of an innocent human being. Huckabee is, in fact, a conservative in other ways, such as supporting punishment of murderers, and having a personal faith which may affect policies as long as it doesn’t establish a national religion (one reason America was founded was so that people could not be persecuted for worshipping their way, and a national religion is unconstitutional). But Romney, Guiliani, Thompson, and even… I can’t believe I’m saying it, but even Ron Paul would be a better choice.

Here’s a few reasons why NOT to support Huckabee. Some of the links are to conservative blogs, while others are links to liberal blogs. I don’t agree with everything on their sites, especially the anti-Christian bias on the Huffington Post. But we can still take the few rational points they make to learn more.

Huckabee has unethically given state jobs to people who gave him gifts.

He’s for open and uncontrollable borders, where we don’t know who is crossing the border (including those from terrorist-sponsoring states like Syria) and is for letting people jump to the head of the line just because they broke the law, instead of having them wait like everyone else who immigrated legally. See here, here, here, here, and here. He’s even compared people who oppose uncontrolled and illegal immigration as members of the KKK, trying to make it into a racial issue and using ad hominem attacks instead of debating rationally. He has recently flip-flopped, contradicting what he did as governor. I don’t trust it.

He also said that he’s the best candidate to fight islamic fascism, simply because he has a theology degree. I’m not making this up.

Huckabee is for big government and a nanny state. He imposed a 47% tax increase on Arkansas taxpayers when he was governor.

Huckabee advocated rounding up people with AIDS so they couldn’t infect everyone else. The biggest problem is that AIDS can’t be transferred by normal contact but only by sexual contact, IV drug use, or if a person with an open wound was playing a sport, for example. I don’t know anyone with AIDS (that I know of) but I don’t think we should treat them like animals just because they have the disease. Rounding up people with a disease that is NOT like some superflu bug that can travel through the air but has to be passed in specific ways is crazy. See here and here.

Huckabee also “refused to sign off on disaster relief legislation that would have prevented insurance companies from weaseling out of their claims, because catastrophic weather events were referred to as ‘acts of God.’” Why not help people after a natural disaster?

Huckabee was directly involved in letting convicted rapist Wayne Dumond out of jail. Dumond was 35 and already suspected in a rape and a murder, but the charges didn’t stick. Duman raped a 17-year-old teenager. Even BILL CLINTON refused to grant him clemency. Huckabee, on the other hand, let him out of jail. After getting out of jail, Dumond went on to murder one and possibly two women. See Seattle Times’ story here.

Democrats know they can beat Huckabee. They’re even waiting for him to get the nomination and then be easily beaten by any Democrat. See Drudge’s scoop here.

But hey, Chuck Norris is endorsing Huckabee, so why don’t you? Forget all this stuff, don’t think, just vote! </sarcasm>

Now for a break from politics… 
On an unrelated note, here some links to some nice holiday songs by some nice bands. Just right-click and “save target as” so you can save them to your computer:

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