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Jon Stewart Finally Acknowledges Media Bias: Case Study: Acorn

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Hot Air has the video of Jon Stewart talking about the recent scandal involving Acorn, the taxpayer-funded criminal organization that signs up fake people for registering to vote and apparently also looks the other way when people pose as pimps of underage girls! These Acorn criminals are SICK AND EVIL! This is the same organization that Obama was and is involved with funding and has many connections to.

Stewart finally acknowledges that the biased media was scooped by two college-aged students. Many in the media have ignored the story as well! Crazy. Insane. I like how sometimes, sometimes John Stewart cuts through the BS in many of the news stories. He sometimes adds some of his own though, because of his more leftist bias, but still he often has some good points. I don’t like how he often gets pretty crude though, but I do like also how he often has serious authors on his show rather than just celebrities.

Also Michelle Malkin covers the NY Times’ biased coverage.