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Unexplained Phenomenon at Google

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Google usually changes its logo to commemorate things like birthdays of composers, artists, and national figures, and even very obscure occasions. Zombie Time pointed out that they did not have a special logo for holidays such as Memorial Day for veterans, even though I don’t know if they have in 2009. Google’s excuse is particularly laughable; read it it at Zombie Time. Today they link to “unexplained phenomenon” but do not explain why.

Hat tip: Culture Jam for Life

Thug Obama is the Biggest Bullshitter in Recent History

Friday, August 7th, 2009


Obama is the biggest rhetorical deceiver in the current political landscape. I haven’t been blogging for a while due to taking PhD classes but this is too much, I just had to blog, and I think I am going to keep blogging again quite regularly.

Barack Obama and his regime in congress (Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, etc.) helped cause the financial collapse. Yes, some lenders were irresponsible for approving risky loans to risky borrowers. People who couldn’t get approved for a Best Buy line of $200 credit got approved for 250,000 mortgages and then… surprise! They defaulted. Then we as taxpayers have been forced to reward that irresponsibility on Wall Street AND the irresponsible borrowers. It rewards irresponsibility and punishes responsibility. Barnie Frank and the rest of the “democrat” fascists also forced some banks to approve people who should not have gotten approved. Yes, Bush did bail out a few companies, but he did barely anything compared to what Obama has done–put the nation into TRILLIONS of dollars of debt and now he wants to SPEND, SPEND more and put future generations into debt with this pile of crap he calls health care reform. Again, it rewards irresposibility and punishes responsibility. Yes, health insurance is currently too expensive. I have to pay about 800 dollars a month for it. But I am paying for someone else’s insurance who refuses to either work or get insurance, AS WELL AS medicaid, which people get for not working. So those people need to WORK to get health insurance. Able-bodied adults who REFUSE to work (as opposed to people who really can’t find a job) should not get “free,” i.e. stolen with funds from other people, health care.

I once met a socialist loser in Colorado who said we neeed “universal,” “free,” “health” care. Of course it’s not universal when one has to wait months to be seen because there are not enough doctors because the funds are so low because so many people who refuse to work and therefore not pay for health insurance get it from others. Which brings me to the next term: “free.” There is no such thing as free health insurance. The people who refuse to work get it by stealing funds from those who are responsible and do work. Those who are offered a job, even a custodian or whatever, and think they are “too good” to do such work, should not get unemployment or health insurance unless they agree to work. As for “health,” as most intelligent people will tell you from Canada or the UK, the system there is a joke. It’s not really “health” care if the life expectancy is LOWER there than in the United States due to their crappy care.

Which brings me to the topic of the recent town hall protests. Have you noticed that these Chicago-style thugs in unions are snuck into the back door in Tampa, Florida, and are also let into the door while others are denied, to this PUBLIC meeting? This is unconstitutional to discriminate on the basis of whether they support their false messiah Obama or not. It should be first-come, first-served.

Now we see pro-Obama fascists and SEIU thugs try to intimidate those who are responsible and oppose the “reform” in Tampa.

See union thugs unleashed in Tampa:

See the man who was attacked, in green shirt near door who was attacked by union thugs, interviewed afterwards:

Read about the bias from the local Tampa Bay media as well. I am sick of this bias myself. The Next Right has the story on how the online story by the Tampa local media actually changed to be biased and cover up how the union employees were let in early!

While in Tampa the Obamatons let union activists in the back door, in St. Louis, the Obamafacists let union members in the front door right in front of the protestors who were denied!

See the video:

And the White House tells Democrats to “punch back twice as hard.” In Houston, Michigan, Denver, across the nation people are FINALLY waking up and realizing this “reform” is not reform but the opening door to a single payer system, as Obama has admitted in his own words!

Obama has his head so far up his ass that he actually states “I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking.”

Really? Are you kidding me? Well then, I guess you, Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, and all your cronies are going to shut up and resign? Finally! Actually, Obama wants to squelch dissent, but he can’t do that. It’s unconstitutional. He wants to silence those who disagree, just like the ACORN mob seen here, where some anti-Obama protestors actually were told not to speak by Obama brownshirts!

Human Events also covers it. Michelle Malkin covers the SEIU St. Louis thuggery and a smear video by SEIU. Red State also has some coverage and so does Gateway Pundit, they also have some video of some protestors attacked by SEIU goons. Little Green Footballs links to some Tampa video. Charles Krauthammer has some interesting commentary.

Racist Hispanic Quotes in the New York Times

Saturday, November 17th, 2007


The New York Times has a story about how a few Hispanic names have made it into the top 10 of most common American names, due to massive immigration (both legal and illegal). The Hispanic (those of descent from the Spanish imperialists (Conquistadors), who slaughtered the Aztecs and other peoples after sailing from Spain) numbers have jumped 58 percent in the 1990s! Strangely, the NY Times reporter doesn’t point out the racism in this quote:

Luis Padilla, 48, a banker who has lived in Miami since he arrived from Colombia 14 years ago, greeted the ascendance of Hispanic surnames enthusiastically.

“It shows we’re getting stronger,” Mr. Padilla said. “If there’s that many of us to outnumber the Anglo names, it’s a great thing.”

Padilla is just another ignorant racist who thinks in terms of categorizing people by race. Some have called this “brown supremacy,” though Hispanics obviously are not better than people who are not Hispanic, in any way. I have many Hispanic friends and thankfully most of them are nothing like this. They have friends of many different races–White, Black, Asian–and they don’t care about planning to take over America with people “like them.”

Sadly, if we don’t curb illegal immigration we will be a one-party country, with most of these illegal immigrants voting for Democrats and other socialists (those who don’t believe in personal responsibility but want total government control, where everyone is equally poor and no one wants to work because you get paid the same regardless of difficulty or intelligence required for a job).

Republicans want the government to protect innocent life, punish murderers and rapists and other evil people, and Democrats want to punish hard working, normal Americans by stealing their money and giving it to useless bureacracy. It has been proven in countless studies that socialism leads to economic disaster, because there is no incentive to work hard, or work at all. But with people like elected-now-dictator Hugo Chavez being elected into office and now consolidating power, that’s frightening for our country. If people are stupid enough to vote for Chavez, they should not be allowed into this country, based on personal responsibility and hard work.

Besides, the crime rates where illegal immigrants have been going have shot up. As Ann Coulter put it, if it were up to Democrats, we’d have two Latin Americas. If we keep illegal immigration the way it is, we not only allow our borders to be porous and let terrorists from countries liek Syria and Iran in, but our environment will continue to be destroyed from overpopulation and urban sprawl. Secure our borders and keep these racists out!