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Wesley Cheeks is a Fascist Moron

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Wesley Cheeks is a fascist moron who wouldn’t know the Constitution if it was right in front of his face. He even admits that this is “not America” anymore! Read the story from World Net Daily:

The protestor can clearly show the poster on public property, even though it’s school grounds. It’s during a town hall meeting with many other protestors who were not harrassed. The only difference between his posters and others is that there is a photo of Obama! Wow. That is not the distinction to make when considering if something can be banned. This is political speech, the most protected form of speech protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT. Wesley Cheeks is an illiterate, low-IQ moron who knows nothing of the First Amendment. He even states that he can arrest the protestor for “whatever he wants”! So he just makes up the law as he goes instead of going by the law and enforcing it.

Also covering it: From Eden, Oath Keepers, Michelle Malkin, Stop Socialism, and Warrant One Girl.

Also according to Norman Hooben, you can contact the police office about his harrassment of valid protests:

He works for Fairfax County School Security.
The cop’s supervisor is Carl Davis, Mr. Davis’s number is 571-423-1200

24-Hour Dispatch/Call Center 703-764-2400
Main Office 703-658-3760

Jim McLain, Security Coordinator

Lt. Daniel Townsend, Fairfax County Police/School Liaison Commander

Also, if you would like to file a complaint against Officer Cheeks, you may contact the following individual:

Major James A. Morris
Fairfax County Police Department
(703) 246-2918

Moron on the Moment: Brian Baird Compares Dissenters to Nazis.

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Brian Baird, a representative from the state of Washington, cannot debate people who oppose the Obama “health” care fascist/socialist/statist fiasco that many in congress have not even read due to its length. Instead, he compares them to Nazis. What an idiot. In St. Louis, the Democrats let in union thugs in front of other protestors, which should be unconstitutional since it’s a public meeting. In Tampa, they let union thugs in the back door ahead of the public. It’s all manufactured astroturf support for Obama’s idiotic plan. The union thugs then physically attacked some of the protestors. And Baird has the audacity to say this:

“What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” Baird, D-Vancouver, said in a phone interview. “I mean that very seriously.”

How dare you Baird, especially when the PROPONENTS of Obama’s plan are the ones trying to intimidate the protestors. As one commenter stated on one of the news links about these stories, many people have tried to use violence in politics, and that’s unfortunate, but never before has the violence been done by people directed to do so by the President’s people! They directed the SEIU thugs to come out in force and intimidate reasonable dissent! Talk about the real brownshirts. The Nazi comparison should only be used when people are doing what the Nazis were nefarious for: killing innocent human beings (i.e. abortion), being anti-Semitic, or using violence such as the examples of these SEIU thugs. The protestors are nothing like Nazis. They just want a responsible and private healthcare system and don’t want to have to wait six months to see a doctor because they are fewer doctors because the pay is decreased because there is less money because less people actually pay for their coverage. The more able-bodied adults who refuse to work and then get “free” (stolen from others) healthcare, the more those of us who are responsible and work for a living have to wait to get to the doctor.


This is typical disinformation put out by Democrats and leftists: when you can’t debate on reasonable grounds, then brand the opposition as “racist” even when race has nothing to do with it!

Boycotting the MTV Music Video Awards

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I started to watch the MTV Music Video Awards, even though I know it’d be a mockery of anything rational or sacred. The host, Russell Brand, mocked George W. Bush as a “retarded cowboy,” even though Bush may not be the best speaker but is billions of times more intelligent than this idiotic, limp-wristed Russell Brand. Brand couldn’t pass any course at Yale, not even Home Ec. 

Brand started off the night by pleading for Americans to vote for Obama, saying, and I quote, “for the world!” At least he’s admitting that most Europeans want Obama to be elected because he will hurt America. Brand is a sexist, too, stating that Palin is a “VPILF,” or Vice President I’d Like to… Fondle?” Brand later hinted he himself was a pedophile, which caused the morally-depraved masses to laugh. Sick and evil. Let’s send this lowlife idiot back across the pond.

Who is this idiot to tell us how to vote, when he’s not a citizen? Of course it’s the rich media elites who are puppeteering him across the stage. It’s strange how big city elites think they can tell others how to vote.

Michelle Malkin has some interesting info. on the awards show, too.

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Obama is a Racist Turd

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Obama supposedly recently denounced the comments by his pastor of 20 years, the pastor who married him and baptized his kids. ONLY after the media found out about this wacko, anti-Semitic, racist, gyrating monkey did Obama have him leave his campaign. Jeremiah Wright thinks the U.S. invented the AIDS virus, thinks American is a “damned” place, and thinks that white people are evil. Here are some of his racist comments, while the crowd eats it up without thinking for themselves. What a bunch of idiots:

David Bernstein points out how this church is so racist and evil and anti-American that it worships people who think that white people are the devil! Idiots:

There is no denying, however, that a strand of radical black political theology influences Trinity. James Cone, the pioneer of black liberation theology, is a much-admired figure at Trinity. Cone told me that when he’s asked where his theology is institutionally embodied, he always mentions Trinity. Cone’s groundbreaking 1969 book Black Theology and Black Power announced: “The time has come for white America to be silent and listen to black people…. All white men are responsible for white oppression…. Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the devil.’ … Any advice from whites to blacks on how to deal with white oppression is automatically under suspicion as a clever device to further enslavement.” Contending that the structures of a still-racist society need to be dismantled, Cone is impatient with claims that the race situation in America has improved. In a 2004 essay he wrote, “Black suffering is getting worse, not better…. White supremacy is so clever and evasive that we can hardly name it. It claims not to exist, even though black people are dying daily from its poison” (in Living Stones in the Household of God).

Wright agrees. When I asked him whether white Americans are right to maintain that the racial situation has improved since the days when Africentric Christianity was born, Wright pointed to the racist remarks by radio host Don Imus: “And you say things have improved?”

Michelle Malkin has some good commentary on it as well, on how cracks are beginning to appear in this false messiah Obama.

Moron of the Moment: Geraldo Rivera

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Geraldo Rivera threatened to spit on Michelle Malkin simply because she has the common sense that illegal immigration is not a good thing. That’s the typical leftist response to an opposing point of view. Don’t engage the points, just threaten them. Geraldo is a buffoon.

Evil Racist Kamau Kambon Calls to “Exterminate White People”

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

This is a clip from a few months ago on YouTube. Sickening and evil racicst activist and bookstore owner “Dr. Kamau Kambon, who taught Africana Studies 241 in the Spring 2005 semester at North Carolina State University spoke live on cspan” where he reveals his Nazi-like opinion to “kill all whites.” This is like C-Span covering a speech by a member of a neo-Nazi clan rally. If that happened it would be all over the news. I don’t remember hearing much about this a few months ago. Someone tell this guy to shut up, and for the guy in the audience to stop clapping. Evil racists.

Luckily, most video responses were negative of the racist. There were some comedic repsonses as well, like this one made by two African Americans making fun of black racists.

Anarchist Idiots Defile Capitol Steps

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

The Moron of the Moment award goes to a group of anarchists in Washington, D.C. From The Hill:

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building
By Jackie Kucinich 
Anti-war protesters were allowed to spray paint on part of the west front steps of the United States Capitol building after police were ordered to break their security line by their leadership, two sources told The Hill.

According to the sources, police officers were livid when they were told to fall back by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Phillip Morse andDeputy Chief Daniel Nichols.  “They were the commanders on the scene,” one source said, who requested anonymity. “It was disgusting.”

After police ceded the stairs, located on the lower west front of the Capitol, the building was locked down, the source added.

A second source who witnessed the incident said that the police had the crowd stopped at Third Street, but were told to bring the police line in front of the Capitol.

Approximately 300 protesters were allowed to take the steps and began to spray paint “anarchist symbols” and phrase such as “Our capitol building” and “you can’t stop us” around the area, the source said.

Morse responded to these claims in an e-mail Sunday afternoon explaining that the protesters were seeking confrontation with the police.

 Morse replied that anarchists were “looking for a confrontation” with police and added,

“It is the USCP’s duty and responsibility to protect the Capitol complex, staff and public while allowing the public to exercise their First Amendment rights … at the end of the day, both occurred without injury to protestors or officers.”

Yet, the sources who talked to The Hill were furious that protesters were not stopped before reaching the Capitol.

“To get that close to the Capitol building, that is ridiculous,” the second source said. “[Police] were told not to arrest anyone.”

The second source added that police had to stand by and watch as protesters posed in front of their graffiti.

Perhaps Mr. Morse needs a lesson in First Amendment rights. Speaking your mind, holding up signs, writing a letter to the editor–these are how civilized, intelligent people exercise their freedom of speech. Vandalism of public property does not fall under this. These are the same kind of anarchists who throw molotov cocktails in San Francisco, who throw bottles through store front windows, and who refuse to get a job and are a burden on society. What a bunch of idiots.  Can you imagine if this were a group of pro-life protestors? It’s not, because pro-life protestors believe in reason and most of them are intelligent. They protest orderly. Anarchists throw fake abortion balloons at them and try to attack them.

Michelle Malkin has photos of the anarchists.

Jose Angel Gutierrez is an evil racist. Where’s the outrage?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

racist idiot

Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor at University of Texas, Arlington and founder of La Raza Unida political party stated: “We have an aging white America. . . . They are dying. . . . They are ******** in their pants with fear! I love it!” “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.

And since 1970, he has professed, “Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes.”


What an evil turd. Here’s a video of him talking as well as other racist latino devils. I feel sorry for other hispanics, who are normal and not racist and are here illegally, to be even the same race as this evil piece of mung.

Armando Navarro, Professor of UC Riverside calls for “Artillery” to attack Americans… why isn’t this racist turd in jail, either?

Racist Joe Baca, CA State Senator, states that he is happy there are so many latinos out in the crowd. He then says, “We’re in a civil war.”

Ruben Navarrette compares lawful people to Nazis. Oh, the irony.

Thursday, October 12th, 2006
  • “Good enough for the Nazis, good enough for the Minutemen” –quote by insanely stupid and racist Ruben Navarrette.

Can someone please cue the sound “duh duh duuuuh” from the show “Mind of Mencia”?

What do you do when you when you can’t argue against someone’s point rationally?  You compare then to Nazis. When all else fails, the feeble-minded screech “Nazi!” even when there are no genocide supporters, no anti-Semites, no delusional racists who want to invade Poland.

That’s exactly what Ruben Navarrette Jr., “member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune and a nationally syndicated columnist” did, in a recent column on titled, “Minutemen have a right to be idiotic.” Hmm, let’s see, there’s so many fallacies in this poor excuse of an editorial.

First the Nazi comparison. It’s inappropriate for him to compare the Minutemen to Nazis, obviously. Anyone with an IQ higher than 40 should see that. He mentions that according to the Southern Poverty Law Center that there are a few people in the Minutemen that are members of hate groups. But according to the Minutemen’s official policies and web site, they do not accept racists. They have members from many ethnicities, and recently were featured alongside a group of black activists. The inappropriate Nazi analogy is disgusting and sick.

He compares the Minuteman’s founder speech being curtailed by left wing activists (against freedom of political speech) at Columbia University recently as being similiar to a situation a few decades ago where Jews protested a Nazi march. That is a wholly inaccurate and offensive analogy. Navarrette states, “Good enough for the Nazis, good enough for the Minutemen.” But these left wing loonies were arguing against a mainstream, common sense point for supporting a law, not Nazis.

And excuse me, Ruben. Some of my ancestors were German Jews. The Minutemen are not Nazis. Calling them that lowers the debate and takes any credibility your silly little simpleton mind had to begin with. The Minutemen are trying to uphold a common sense law to prevent the invasion of people from another country illegally, many of whom cost us millions of dollars a year in costs, raise the crime rate, overcrowd our streets and cause even more environmental destruction and urban sprawl and generally lower the quality of life.

Ironically, the only racists here are many of the pro-illegal immigration supporters. They want people to be able to skip ahead of the line simply because of their ethnicity and race. One of the pro-illegal groups are called, “La Raza,” meaning, “the race.” They have hate signs proclaiming people “stole their land” even though they came from Spain. Some hispanics want other hispanics to be able to skip ahead of people of other ethnicities–say, India for example, many of whom are doctors and engineers. To let people skip ahead because of race is racism, and it’s also supporting by definition a criminal act. A person who would defy the law like this I do not want in my country. I have many Hispanic friends, all here legally: Cuban, Mexican, whatever. But illegal immigration is a huge problem and you don’t fix it by just making it worse (letting everyone in).

Speaking of Nazis, the only marches that could be compared to Nazi marches are the pro-illegal rallies a few months ago. Here’s a few quotes, but you can see more here where I quote quite a few of the anti-Semitic, racist remarks by the slow-minded, racist and insane La Raza. They are all taken from an editorial from La Raza, which sounds an awful lot like a pre-WWII hysterical Hitler machinating about Jews and their money:

“School board Jews like Julie Korenstein, Marlene Canter, David Tokofsky, Jon Lauritzen and Mike Lansing are just enriching themselves and their cronies through crooked deals involving school construction projects, and contracts with so called consultants and vendors.”

“La Raza’s battle for the 20th Senate District is a perfect example of how the Jews will fight tooth and nail to maintain their dominance in state government.”

“The Jews of California, about 3% of the state’s population, have an overwhelming and disproportionate share of the state’s wealth which they utilize effectively to wield immense influence on the state’s political apparatus principally through dominance of the Democratic Party. Both U.S Senators of the state are ladies of Jewish descent and there is no sector of California society, either private or public, in which Jews are not significant policy makers.”

“The 20th Senate District was one in transition where Mexicanos were barely outnumbering Jews. The race became wide open when Herschel Rosenthall, a Jew, could not run for re-election because of term limits. A very popular Mexicano by the name of Richard Alarcon, then a Los Angeles City Councilman, decided to challenge the Jewish domination of the senate district by declaring himself a candidate against the Jew Richard Katz . He won by a mere 29 votes but the bloody battle between the Jews and La Raza left a bitter aftermath that has had negative repercussions to this day.”

“The Jews are sore losers and they did not take the defeat graciously.”

“The battle for the 20th Senate District in California should provide a very valuable lesson for La Raza. In our political struggle for self-determination, we can not assume the certain groups will be our friends. Jews have catered for our vote in the past but when it comes our turn to share in real political power, they will turn their face and become our enemies.”

“…Jewish run American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) which is led in southern California by a Jewish lady by the name of Ramona Ripston. Soon, with the guidance and funding of Jews, he became and Assemblyperson and eventually the Speaker of the State Assembly.”

“…He was merely a “puppet” of Jewish interests in the Assembly.”

“A case in point is his relationship with Jews Ron Unz and Bob Hertzberg. Ron Unz is the wealthy Jewish Mogul who funded the successful passage of the anti-Bilingual Initiative that outlawed Spanish/English bilingual education in California’s public schools.”

“Another example of Villargairosa’s Jewish collusion is his selling-out of the Assembly Speakership to Bob Hertzberg. Bob Hertzburg is a Jewish Assemblyman that represents Assembly District 40.”

“Our increasing population and voting strength will, in the near future, collide with the interests of the Jews in Alta California, and for that matter, in the other regions of Aztlan. Our increasing ties with our brothers and sisters in Mexico will also present a challenge for the American Jewish community.” 

La Raza: they invade a country then blame all their problems on the Jews. Sound familiar?

You can write Mr. Nazi at

Moron of the Moment: Kevin Barrett

Thursday, October 12th, 2006

“Hitler had a good 20 to 30 IQ points on Bush, so comparing Bush to Hitler would in many ways be an insult to Hitler.” 

–University of Wisconsin-Madison instructor and 9-11 conspiracy theorist Kevin Barrett

Source: CNN