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Wesley Cheeks is a Fascist Moron

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Wesley Cheeks is a fascist moron who wouldn’t know the Constitution if it was right in front of his face. He even admits that this is “not America” anymore! Read the story from World Net Daily:

The protestor can clearly show the poster on public property, even though it’s school grounds. It’s during a town hall meeting with many other protestors who were not harrassed. The only difference between his posters and others is that there is a photo of Obama! Wow. That is not the distinction to make when considering if something can be banned. This is political speech, the most protected form of speech protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT. Wesley Cheeks is an illiterate, low-IQ moron who knows nothing of the First Amendment. He even states that he can arrest the protestor for “whatever he wants”! So he just makes up the law as he goes instead of going by the law and enforcing it.

Also covering it: From Eden, Oath Keepers, Michelle Malkin, Stop Socialism, and Warrant One Girl.

Also according to Norman Hooben, you can contact the police office about his harrassment of valid protests:

He works for Fairfax County School Security.
The cop’s supervisor is Carl Davis, Mr. Davis’s number is 571-423-1200

24-Hour Dispatch/Call Center 703-764-2400
Main Office 703-658-3760

Jim McLain, Security Coordinator

Lt. Daniel Townsend, Fairfax County Police/School Liaison Commander

Also, if you would like to file a complaint against Officer Cheeks, you may contact the following individual:

Major James A. Morris
Fairfax County Police Department
(703) 246-2918

Drew Edmonson Bans Christmas. Literally.

Sunday, January 6th, 2008


RedState has a disturbing press release about an attorney general who infringes the free speech of employees just because they work for a government-funded institution. Ridiculous. 

Drew Edmondson is the Oklahoma Attorney General.  Recently he rounded up conservative activists and threw them in jail for circulating petitions to get conservatives on the ballot.

Now, however, Oklahoma Atty Gen. Drew Edmondson has done something even nuttier.  He has issued an advisory opinion from the Attorney General’s Office directing universities and public employees in Oklahoma to refrain from using or writing the word “Christmas.”

Mark Tapscott with the Washington Examiner has the details.  Mark notes, “Edmondson issued an advisory opinion to officials at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford advising them that the word “Christmas” should not be spoken by any employee of the state school, not written in any official holiday decorations.”

Attorney General Edmondson can be reached at 405-521-3921.  Please call and wish him a Merry Christmas and ask why he banned Christmas.

All the best and

Merry Christmas to you,

Erick Erickson

Pro-Abort Attacks Pro-Life Protestor, episode #345,645

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

World Net Daily has an article about another attack by a pro-abortion extremist against those who practice their freedom of speech and question the killing of children. This happens quite often although the media ignore it.

Pro-life activists are calling for an investigation into – and possibly prosecution of – police officers who responded to a severely injured abortion clinic sidewalk counselor, but then allowed his suspected attacker to leave the scene.

“It is unbelievable that an officer would allow an attacker to go free after inflicting life-threatening injuries on an elderly gentleman, then threaten to arrest the witness to the crime,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

“That was not only unprofessional conduct, but it showed a fundamental lack of respect for Mr. Snell’s life and beliefs. She should face serious discipline.”

The attack happened just before Christmas, as Ed Snell, 69, was trying to counsel women entering the Hillcrest Abortion Center in Harrisburg, Pa., according to witnesses at the scene.

The “police” officer, obviously a person who should be fired and thrown into jail for obstructing justice, let the assailant walk away!

Pro-aborts act violently against pro-lifers, or just threaten it like here, from

also blogging: Culture Jam for Life

More Stifling of Free Speech from Muslims

Monday, December 10th, 2007


Michelle Malkin has a story on how Muslims in Canada are trying to suppress Mark Steyn’s free speech, claiming their “human rights” have been breached from criticism of their religion! Wow. In a democracy, you have no right not to be offended. Of course, freedom of speech isn’t absolute and has a few exceptions like obscenity, threats, copyright law, and so on, but none of those fit criticism of a public figure (Mohammed) or politicial speech against a religion. It seems like Muslims immigrating to North America and Europe want to run the countries they moved to into using some sort of Sharia law.

Aayan Hirsi Ali Forced to Leave U.S. Due to Security Costs

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Michelle Malkin reports that Aayan Hirsi Ali, who helped Theo Van Gogh create the documentary that commented how Islamic fascists treat women badly, has had to leave the U.S. due to the costs of her security protection from Islamists, even here in the U.S. She was even threatened by an Imam in here in the U.S, not just in the Middle East. Why do we let these islamofascists into the country? We should let brave people like Aayan Hirsi Ali move here instead.

More Cartoon Rage in Europe

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Uh oh. Looks like those silly Europeans are engaging in what is referred to as “freedom of speech” again. Seems to have ticked off the Islamic immigrants there. Once again, if these brain-washed, terrorist sympathizing Islamists don’t like freedom of speech, that’s too bad. Don’t threaten democracies with threats just because of the valid criticiques of the founder of a religion of hate.

Liberals go after Fox News Advertisers

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

No surprise here. The key for leftists to “win” debates is to censor the opposing or dissenting views. Note that conservative bloggers don’t go after MSNBC or CNN for segments of their shows that are left-wing. That’s because they believe in a free and open debate.

Becky Garrison hates free speech and conservative christians

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Last update:
Garrison posted my original comment on her blog and called it “funny” and “tragic.” It’s tragic to stand up for innocent human beings?

It’s tragic how blind she is. She approves hateful, vile and mean-spirited comments that advocate violence against conservatives (torture Cheney and have Bush mauled by a bear), call Jesus a “superfraud” and promote the sexual exploitation industry. And she called MY comment vile. Hahaha! That’s hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic. What a mean-spirited person, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so blind and against dialogue. She just wanted pro-abortion monologue and can’t handle debating.

As stated in an earlier post, I recently got a request from Becky Garrison’s myspace to be added as a friend. I accepted the friend invite Garrison even though she’s ultra-left wing and bashes conservatives in her book, Red and Blue God. I posted a comment that pointed out that it’s leftists who have the plank in their eye since they advocate child murder via abortion and infanticide, and it is the conservatives who have only the speck since at least they don’t advocate murder. I also pointed out that McLaren’s teachings are often in line with Gnostic teachings, which is a heresy.

She didn’t approve the comment because she said it was “mean-spirited and vile” even though she approved anti-Semitic, anti-Christian comments, sex shop ads as comments, and she also approved a comment that included a link to a movie that compared blacks to monkeys.
She also blocked our common sense journal myspace profile since we posted a comment she disagreed with or challenged her leftist dogma. So I e-mailed her from another account:


I recently posted a comment calling you to task and trying to start a dialogue from my common sense journal profile. But instead of approving the comment, you blocked me. Why? You sent a friends request and I approved it and sent a comment, and I thought you would send a comment but you blocked me, I guess because you can’t handle dialoguing with people you disagree with?

If you are not lying when you said you add people to start a dialogue, how is it a dialogue when you just block people who disagree with you? You’re not tolerant if you only approve comments you agree with.

Perhaps you don’t add people to dialogue, but rather to hawk your book? Do you not believe in an open and robust debate?

Also I would just like to know, are you against abortion and homosexuality and prostitution? Not meaning we treat homosexuals badly, but I am asking if you are against it. I really would like to know because you sound VERY left wing.

She wrote back:

Your comment did not invite dialogue but was very mean spirited and vile – I get enough of that already on the God’s Politics blog. I have had many “intelligent” conversations via MySpace and Facebook. I’m a registered indepdendent. And Brian McLaren is no heretic – judging is God’s job.


Interesting. So I wrote this back, and blocked the profile I was writing from:

Why did you block surfers of faith and common sense journal? Why not have an intelligent discussion, instead of blocking people who point out holes in your argument? How do you call yourself a follower of Christ when you block other followers of Christ when they don’t toe the political line you follow?

Actually your book is offensive, and your profile is vile (it contains anti-semitic, anti-christian comments and porn ads). But it’s called freedom of speech, and I still read stuff I disagree with. What was offensive about my comment? Because it said abortion is murder? Because it said that it’s the leftists who have the plank and the conservatives who have the speck? Many left wing organizations have opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which meant to save BORN babies from “botched” abortions. What is offensive about pointing that out?

As for being vile and offensive, you have comments on your profile that promote drug use, sex shops, and a video that compares blacks to monkeys. You have an anti-Semitic comment and anti-Christian comments. And you call my comment that is Christian and conservative “vile”? Who are you to judge?

My comment wasn’t “vile” it just offended you because you disagree with it. Don’t try to judge me, that’s ridiculous.

Don’t assume I am not intelligent because I disagree with you. I am very intelligent, probably more intelligent than you, what was your Graduate Record Examination score? I could have a very intelligent conversation with people who are open minded to the possibility that they are wrong. But you are too blind to see that.

As for McLaren, a lot of his writings are in line with Gnostic thinking, which is a heresy. How is that judging?

Besides, you’re the one attempting to judge me because I disagree with you. Judging is God’s job, not yours.

So I take it you don’t object to homosexuality, abortion, and prostitution? You didn’t answer my question. I would love to debate you but you don’t play fair by blocking people when you disagree with them. I don’t care if you block people you disagree with until you’re alone talking to yourself, but it’s not consistent with a free and robust debate.

Why add people if you block people that post comments pointing out where you are wrong? You approve porn, anti-black, anti-semitic, and anti-Christian comments that are really vile, and my comment was not vile but it just offended your dogma. The fact that you blocked us is vile, but I don’t care. No follower of Christ would shun a person for disagreeing with them. If you want to start a dialogue then e-mail me at but I already know you won’t because you are too dogmatic to consider opposing points of view. My comments were nowhere near “vile” and it’s disgusting and evil to even say that they were.

Garrison is not an independent or moderate, she is an extremist leftist who blocks people who challenge her pro-abortion, leftist, I-will-block-you-if-you-are-conservative dogma.

Becky Garrison the anti-Christian propagandist

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

So on our Common Sense Journal myspace profile we got a friends request from Becky Garrison, the leftist “Christian” who has written a book that supposedly picks on both left wing and right wing Christians. From her myspace profile:

In my book Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church, I take aim at the battles between the warring political factions in America’s churches and illuminates both the plank in the Religious Right’s eye as well as the speck that blinds the Progressive Left.

The weird thing is is that I’ve already gotten a friends request from her on 4 or 5 different myspace profiles I run for other political organizations or religious web sites. Is she sitting there adding people all day? Or using a friend add bot?

I accepted her friends request and posted a comment. I said basically that who is she to say who has the speck and who has the plank in the eye? What’s worse, killing a baby via abortion or newborn murder (born alive infants) or throwing a baby into the dumpster (a left wing “virtue”), or wanting to lower taxes, a more conservative virtue? Isn’t it conservatives who have the speck, since they are at least not advocating murder and are for responsibility, and leftists who have the plank, who advocate abortion and are soft on crime such as murder and rape and try to find excuses to blame society or the victim?

What about conviction, the concept of sin and redemption, and personal responsibility?

I don’t necessarily toe the line on some Republican issues, for example, I am for the right for people to defend their house with a gun, but not for assault weapons. Not surprisingly, gnostic-”Christian” Brian McLaren has enorsed her book as well as a web site called Landover Baptist that bashes the church using the Straw Man fallacy, but doesn’t offer any good examples of a church. I also asked as a side note if she uses a Friend Adder bot since I’ve gotten so many requests from her on multiple profiles.

I predicted she wouldn’t approve the comment, since leftists only are tolerant if you agree with them, and therefore are not tolerant at all.

The next day she wrote back, after of course not approving the comment:

I don’t use a bot adder but add sites that I feel might want to dialogue – if you don’t want people adding you, then you can set your settings to private. BG

No duh! I didn’t mind the friend invite and I actually approved and commented. So I wrote back, paraphrase:

Becky Garrison:

I didn’t mind your friend invite, I was just wondering why you keep adding all these different profiles I run, and if you use a spambot or something. You say you want to dialogue, so then why didn’t you approve the comment? Do you only approve comments from atheists/leftists/gnostic christians, or people who disagree with you as well? Do you only appove comments that bash Christians? You didn’t approve our comment, but you approved a comment that featured a person throwing the cross into a garbage can. Interesting.

You don’t want dialogue, otherwise you would have e-mailed me and approved the comment. Feel free to post a comment on our profile, and we can respond for dialogue.

I didn’t hear back, so I went to my sent folder and noticed that she had blocked me. So much for “dialogue.” She doesn’t add people she wants to dialogue with, but rather she adds people to hawk her book that bashes anyone who is a follower of Christ who is also conservative and not a leftist. And if you post any dissention to her leftist and misguided/ignorant dogma on her myspace, she blocks you.

She wouldn’t approve a comment with meaningful dialogue about how she cherry picks from the bible and only quotes verses that agree with her leftist dogma (not really any verses like that, but they can be taken out of context and twisted to “fit” leftist stance. The devil tried to use scripture for his purposes as well). But Garrison approved the comment of a person throwing away the cross in a trash can, as well as these comments, all on her profile as of July 26, 2007, many of which are from many months ago. She could have deleted them or not approve them:

becky garrison myspace sicko
A person named Nick left this comment yesterday, which Garrison approved. Apparently Garrison’s version of “Christianity” involves torturing people. Interesting.

whores of babylon
The whores of babylon were sure to post a comment.

sex workers show
Garrison allowed the Sex Workers organization to promote their porn and prostitution on her myspace page. Didn’t Jesus say “go and sin no more” to the prostitute? Oh wait that would require common sense and a moral guide.

Bush featured as a mullet-wearing inbred.

smoking pot
Garrison let someone promote illegal drugs on her profile as well.

Someone supporting Fidel Castro the communist dictator and comparing some conservatives to a fictional villain from G.I. Joe commented this idiocy.

sicko porn promoting
Garrison let this “pornifier” promote himself on her profile, saying he has written a “sacrilegous work” that is pornographic.

Another bong company.

Comparing Bush to the devil is an lazy way of not actually debating.

Another violence-advocating image, this one features a bear mauling President Bush.

Uh oh, cue the obligatory leftist anti-Semitism! I wonder if Garrison owns a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


Garrison approved a photo that makes fun of a girl crying.

Garrison let her profile promote a video that compares black people to monkeys.


Atheists promoting themselves and comparing a belief in a higher power to a belief in a flying plate of spaghetti.

An image that makes fun of handicapped people, or is an advertisement for a spambot friend adder?

atheist idiots
An atheist promoting his site on Garrison’s profile calling Jesus Christ a “superfraud.”

sex workers
Yet another advertisement for a pornography business.

An image falsely stating that America is the biggest purveyor of violence in the world. Actually, Islamic terrorism is.

So to summarize, Garrison pretends to be tolerant but only tolerates porn, dehumanization of women through prostitution, militant atheism, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic comments but won’t approve a comment that challenges her misguided/errant leftist dogma. She doesn’t add people to dialogue, but rather to hawk her book, even if those people she adds aren’t people but just other spammers.

Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer vs. Free Speech

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Drudge linked to an interesting investigative piece that shows that 9 out of 10 of “journalists” who donated to political campaigns donated to Democrats. Surprise, surprise.

Now after hearing how talk radio in part helped inform the public about the idiotic shamnesty bill that congress tried to pass, some senators want to curb the freedom of speech of talk radio hosts in order to make the public less informed about the political process! So they can attempt to hoodwink the American public into accepting shamnesty, since if we have an open debate about it it’s obviously not going to pass. We need border security with a huge concrete fence, not reward criminals.

Since conservative talk radio is MUCH more popular to say the least than leftist talk radio, the markets have shown that conservative talk radio is more successful. No big deal. Conservative senators are not out calling for CNN to be banned and other liberal outlets to be curtailed simply because they dislike their bias. But we have two leftist senators–Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton, calling for “legislative fix” for talk radio! This is unconstitutional! The government cannot censor things just because they disagree with them. There are exceptions to free speech, such as defamation, libel, slander, false light, obscenity, but none of these apply. These two anti-free speech leftist Senators want to curb the freedom of speech of talk radio hosts because they disagree with them! What a bunch of fascist pigs!

Hear the radio interview.