Karen Miracle is a Fascist Pig

Written by commonsensejournal on August 7th, 2009

This is Karen Miracle, the fascist pig who slapped Barry Osteen simply for disagreeing with her on a political point at the recent Tampa Town Hall. Apparently Karen’s husband, Garry, and Barry were arguing over the health bill. Karen and Garry are Obamatons who support the pro-irresponsibility socialist system of “health” care. Instead of argue on points, Karen resorted to violence, slapping Barry with her dangly jangly arm. Big surprise! Democrats love violence, remember the leftist terrorism of the 1970s? Or abortion, the most violent killing of the young? Or the threats of violence seen in the images of leftists from ZombieTime? Sick Nazis. This is typical of Obama brownshirts: they try to silence dissent with threats or acts of violence.

The Next Right has some background information on Karen and Garry. They guess “she’s the Karen Miracle who is Treasurer of the E. Hillsborough Democratic Club.  Her husband, Garry (also pictured), is the Political Director.” Astroturf anyone? Barry Osteen, please press charges on this Karen wacko!

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