Racist Woman on the Dole Screams Vitriolic Hate: With Media Whitewash

Written by commonsensejournal on December 22nd, 2007


Talk about an ungrateful, gimme-gimme, lazy, racist, hypocritical turd. This lady lives in a nice apartment FOR FREE but gets the media to whine about utility payments, because she refuses to work. She’s only worked one year in her life. Get her off the dole, tell her to get a JOB like the rest of us, and stop stealing from other people by way of unreasonable and stupid taxes. Tax monies should go to the police, teachers, firemen, and other necessary things, and a few agencies to help people get good jobs so they can help themselves. Instead of having to give ungrateful people fish, teach grateful people how to fish. These kind of people though, shouldn’t get a penny. Not only is it stealing, but the audacity of the “gimme gimme” mindset–when she deserves non of it–is sickening. Look at their hateful eyes in the photo. She’s screaming that they won’t let everyone in, and yet it’s a first-come, first-serve basis for this public hearing. They can’t let everyone in. The reasons for not letting everyone else in has nothing to do with race. But trying to reason with such an insane person is futile.

I can’t really improve on Michelle Malkin’s words here. Also blogging: PursuingHoliness, CountenanceBlog, UncleMeat

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