Personhood and Abortion

Written by commonsensejournal on September 30th, 2007

The pro-abortion, evil ideology that some human beings can be killed for a variety of reasons first relied on the unborn not being life, though that’s obviously scientifically false. Then the pro-aborts turned to lying again and said unborn children aren’t human, but that’s a Big Lie as well. So then they turned to “personhood,” but that’s nonsensical as well, since the same criteria could be applied to newborns (as it has, by people like Peter Singer when it comes to newborns and infants, and even older children have been killed and those murders have been defended by people like Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen, who mocked those who were disgusted by Andrea Yates’ drowning of her five helpless children). World Net Daily recently commented on the whole “personhood” fallacy as well.

Note: I say “pro-life” because pro-life people are not just against abortion but also infanticide, killing unborn children for their organs and tissues (something Clinton allowed as one of his first acts as president), and many pro-life people are also conservative, a category of people who give more of their money away to charities and the starving than any other type of person). I say “pro-abortion” because “pro-choice” is an incomplete description. Pro-choice to what? Pro-choice to pick a cell phone plan? No. If you were pro-choice to own a slave, then you’d be pro-slavery, even if you could never own a slave yourself. It’s interesting to note that slavery was defended on “privacy” grounds. In ancient Rome, the father could kill his children, in the name of Patria Potens, the head of the household, and was seen as a privacy right. Now it’s just changed to the mother being able to kill her children. It’s no coincidence that in Roe v. Wade the pro-abortion judges referenced what ancient civilizations believed about ensoulment than what modern science tells us today. I do believe in the soul, and it begins at conception as well, though one does not have to believe in the soul to be pro-life. Noted pro-life atheists include Nat Hentoff, feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and writers George Orwell and Pearl S. Buck. But of course most pro-life people believe in God and therefore right and wrong.

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Life begins at conception
MORAL TRUTH: It’s wrong to kill innocent human beings.

Put those together and you realize anything but being pro-life is being part of a selfish, disgusting, and evil ideology.

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