Law and Order Extreme Abortion Bias

Written by commonsensejournal on July 10th, 2007

I like the show Law and Order, but sadly they’ve succumbed to spewing left-wing propaganda instead of creating a quality show now. An episode tonight features some stereotypical “fundamentalists” who make a joke about AIDS and are also have a sign that states, “Murder of the Unborn.”

Of course this fictional show is based on fiction. In reality, most pro-lifers care for both unborn AND born life. There are many pro-life liberals as well, such as Nat Hentoff, Mary Meehan, and of course organizations such as Feminists for Life.

There are those persons of lower intelligence who buy into this crap though, that all pro-life people, or even a majority of them, are hateful. In reality, most pro-aborts are hate-driven, from sending hate mail to talking about eating fetuses and uploading “humorous” videos of aborted children to YouTube, where these ghouls joke about it in the comments. It’s sick and evil.

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