Is YouTube Run by Extremist Leftists?

Written by commonsensejournal on May 25th, 2007

It’s understandable for some companies from Silicon Valley to have a liberal bias, but this is over the line. Extremist leftist propaganda that compares Bush to a Osama Bin Laden? Nevermind that we try to not bomb civilians while terrorists actually aim to kill civilians. Then all the nutroot leftists comment on the video with ignorable lies. The “Stop the Clash” video is the video featured both on the front page list as well as the top director videos, hand picked by the people behind YouTube to be featured. The video blames America for the Sept. 11 attacks. As Jon Stewart told Susan Sarandon, asking “why they hate us” is like asking white the guys in hoods hate blacks. It’s just wrong, no asking “why.” Besides, they didn’t attack us because of real or perceived American “imperialism.” They attacked us because we’re not adherents of Islam.

YouTube Leftist Bias


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