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Written by commonsensejournal on November 29th, 2006


There’s a disturbing trend on YouTube/Google/Blogger (Google owns both YouTube and Blogger).  If your video is conservative and critiques Islamic fascism, it may be blocked, like Michelle Malkin’s did.  If you point out “fauxtography” and how some of the media faked missile strikes in Lebanon, like the Jawa Report did, it may get banned as well.

If you’re pro-life and want to simply show photos of a disabled kid who desperately needs help and prayers, then a British Court may tell Blogger to remove the site.  And Blogger will happily agree.

If your video critiques Democrats’ appeasement strategy, like the “Scary Movie” Director’s video did, it may be censored by YouTube as well see here or here or here. UPDATE: I found it on YouTube so it appears YouTube caved into pressure.

Google donates heavily to liberal causes (98 percent to Democrats). Google blocked an ad for an anti-Clinton book. Google News includes Jihadist sources, but refuses to carry Little Green Footballs blog!

The censorship of videos about reasonable debate relating to various policies on Iraq, Lebanon, or the censorship of blogs that just want to show photos of a disabled child so that her plea might be heard are just one side of this evil scheme.  It’s not just what they censor—things that shouldn’t be censored—but what they allow.  ( is not a government entity and can censor whatever they want as a private company, but it does discredit them when their partisan and extremely disgusting policies are brought to light.) 

Let’s see a few videos that they do allow, some of which have been removed by the user but some that have not. If your video shows how to break into a house, then no problem, as this article from the Evening Standard points out:

Householders were warned today to check their security in an alert sparked by video website YouTube. Hundreds of videos are available on the site showing users how to pick locks, which experts fear will result in a spate of burglaries. The films were uncovered in an investigation by Which? magazine and sparked calls for YouTube to remove them from the site.

A film showing how to make the tools needed to pick locks, has been viewed more than 60,000 times.

If you’re in a gang, then your video may be on YouTube as well, as Michelle Malkin points out.

Of course, the various terrorist propaganda footage can be seen on YouTube as well.

And if you’re a damn pedophile promoting pedophilia you may have a blog on (also owned by Google), as World Net Daily pointed out.

So let’s get this right: Google bans a pro-life Blogger account that simply wants to show photos of a disabled child that needs prayers, but allows a site promoting pedophilia?

If it was an actual site with porn it would be prosecuted of course and taken down, but sites promoting it have been allowed by Google/Blogger, although it shouldn’t be.

I was recently notified of a similar trend on YouTube.  Young girls post videos of themselves online, then predators post comments on the videos.  Here’s a few video stills of videos that predators have commented on:


Parents! Why are you letting your children post videos online??   

Some comments from predator sickos.  

Some, like “NaturalEars,” have fought back and reported the predators to YouTube  

You can see the profile of the sickos who leave the comments, like this predator.

You can also click on their profiles and they have their “favorites” listed.  This predator has videos he selected as his “favorites” that are inappropriate for him.  

This girl’s video has some sick comments posted by predators.

Why aren’t these predators’ accounts deleted?

   This video is of a cute 8-year-old dancing.  It’s seemingly innocent and the video owner probably meant it that way.

But the comments are evil and disgusting.  Cute butt?  SHE’S AN 8-YEAR-OLD you damn pedophile! 



  Two videos that are not so innocent.


 Many of these posters are not fellow teenagers but are old men.  Sick.

 Many of these posters are not fellow teenagers but are old men.  Sick.Some of the videos, those of girls that are about 10-13, even have a “warning” sign that you are about to view restricted material that may be inappropriate for some viewers!  The point of those warnings is to warn minors not to view them, as it is ADULT material.  But when the people in the video are MINORS then it is not an adult video!  If it’s sexual then it should be banned. But this one is just a group of girls dancing.

This video had a “warning” before viewing it.  Why?  It’s a bunch of young girls dancing.  If it’s only appropriate for adults shouldn’t it be removed since it’s contents are children, and not adults?

Some sickos post comments while one points out their age.

two girls hanging out. 

More sick comments from predator losers.

This is a video of a FIFTH GRADER.


YouTube also has a “favorites” feature, where you can list your favorite videos.  Most of these predators have a lot of videos of young girls, some in the shower, some dancing, listed as their favorites.
For example, on “superdancer” predator’s profile, you can see that one of his “favorites” he designated is a video of two girls in a shower, who look about 10.  




Then you can see his sick comment about the video.  Super hot?  Will someone please arrest “superdancer”?  Then he can have some fun in jail.

The most vile and digusting and straight-up evil comments I read on YouTube were those about a video of a SIX YEAR OLD sucking on a lollipop. 

Here are video stills from the video, I have blacked out the girl’s face in all but one of the photos.





SICK SICK SICK SICK.  These men are 19, 36, 47… according to their YouTube profiles.  Most of them have a long list of “favorite” videos of young girls and “subscribed” video profiles.  Notice that “Johnnyojohnny” profile also left a sick comment on another young girl’s profile.  Where is the FBI?  This is enticing a child to commit sex acts, a crime! 

Here’s a few screenshots of their profiles:




A profile titled, “OoMyGoodness” left one of the sick comments about the 5th grader.  Then this woman in the video left a comment BACK on his profile:

As if that is funny.  It’s not!  Enticing a child to commit sex acts is a crime!  And this woman left a comment, “Lol” which means “laugh out loud.”  It’s not funny.

Do you know this woman?  According to her profile her name is Jamie.  If so you should immediately contact the police.  This six-year-old girl is in danger.  “Jamie” put a video of this girl “Chastity” sucking a lollipop and then she giggles as if it’s suggestive.  She then puts it online and lets predators leave evil comments, and then she leaves comments back on their profiles.

I already contacted the FBI about this.  The video has been since taken down thankfully.  But what about those predators?  Enticing a child to commit sex acts is a crime.  The FBI should get YouTube to turn over their data to get the IP addresses of those predators who left the comments and arrest them.  They could also pretend to be underage girls and put fake videos up, videos that are of 18 year olds but pretend to be younger, and then wait for the predators to post comments.  Then pretend to be an underage girl and pretend to meet them in real life.  Then arrest the predators. 

Maybe perverted justice organization needs to use YouTube as well and not just Yahoo chat to catch predators.

Preying on children is evil.  Children are too young to make those decisions and should be protected.  Predators should be locked up in jail for the rest of their miserable lives. 

So dow can YouTube fix all of this?  As for teenage videos, follow MySpace’s example and enable people to make their videos private and that can only be embedded with a special code only the video owner knows.  That way the teenager that wants to have a video on her private myspace profile can have a private video only viewable to her approved friends.

Ban all videos that show people how to become criminals, such as how to pick a lock. Ban all videos that are trying to recruit kids into gangs.  There are no constitutional issues here, as YouTube is a private company.  Ban all videos that spread jihadist propaganda.  There’s a difference between being biased and neutral.  Being completely neutral means you don’t care if terrorists blow up a disco in Israel.  Being completely neutral means you are indifferent, and therefore the opposite of good.  Allow reasonable videos from both liberal and conservative viewpoints to be hosted on YouTube.  Ban all videos that promote pedophilia, rape, incest, and ban all profiles of predators who leave evil comments, and turn the IP information of those users over to the FBI.  Only then would it gain its credibility back. 

We should all not rest until every predator is in jail, and children are safe from this evil.

Here’s some useful links:

FBI’s Innocent Images Initiative

Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

If anyone contacts the predators on YouTube and figures out who they are, be sure to contact the FBI or your local law enforcement agency.

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