YouTube temporarily blocks conservative video ad

Written by commonsensejournal on October 15th, 2006

World Net Daily points out how YouTube temporarily blocked an anti-Clinton adminsitration ad by using a warning, even though there wasn’t anything close to being offensive in regards to sexual, violent or explicit content on it.

They have also banned conservative videos, videos critical of Islam, and videos by Michelle Malkin.

And now they’ve been aquired by Google, an organization that has given overwelmingly to liberals.

Google has also refused to remove a blog on its site, that advocates man/boy love, run by predators and perverts.

Robert Cox of the Examiner points out how many social networking and search sites–technorati, google, youtube, six apart, rss and podcasting–are all owned by liberals and this may become troublesome to conservatives’ freedom of speech. Michelle Malkin was recently threatened with a deleted account because her videos were deemed “offensive” for being conservative by

So if you upload a video of American soldiers being killed, don’t worry; but if you stray from the lockstep liberal orthodoxy and make a conservative video, then watch out–that’s just too much common sense.

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