Mark Foley is a Sicko

Written by commonsensejournal on October 3rd, 2006

Mark Foley is a disgusting piece of crap. ABC News just reports that this pedophile chatted with an underage boy during a House vote. He has disgraced the entire nation. He resigned, but he should also be put behind bars. What a sicko.

What’s worse, it looks like other Republicans AND Democrats knew or had an idea about it going on, and the FBI was even informed and did nothing! The Miami Herald, Fox News, and St. Pete Times sat on the story, doing nothing. Too many people have gotten apathetic when they hear about this sickening stuff. Perhaps the Democrats waited until it was close to election time to bring it up, or perhaps the Republicans didn’t want to deal with it. If ANYONE had an idea about it, they should resign as well as face possible criminal charges of not reporting a crime.

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