Maywood Save Our State Versus Illegals

Written by commonsensejournal on August 29th, 2006

Michelle Malkin has an informative post about blatant bias in the media about illegal immigration, pointing to a Media Research study.

■ Advocates of opening a wider path to citizenship were almost twice as likely to speak in news stories as advocates of stricter immigration control. Advocates for amnesty and guest-worker programs drew 504 soundbites in the study period, compared to just 257 for tighter border control. (Sixty-nine soundbites were neutral). On the days of pro-illegal-alien rallies, their critics nearly disappeared from the screen. For instance, on the night of April 10, the soundbite count on the three evening newscasts and ABC’s Nightline was 43 to 2 in favor of the protesters. When the debate shifted to Capitol Hill in May, coverage grew more balanced.
â–  While conservative labels were common, liberal labels were rarely or never used. In the study period, reporters referred to “conservatives” or “conservative” groups 89 times, most intensely during legislative debate in May, when President Bush was presented as having to “appease” his “conservative” base. NBC’s Matt Lauer even referred to Bush’s base as the “far right.” By contrast, the “liberal” label was used only three times – all of them by ABC. CBS and NBC never used the word, even as hard-left protest organizers described the House bill on public radio as full of “horrendous and macabre clauses, fascist clauses.”

â–  While protests centered on underlining the vital role illegal aliens play in the American economy, the burdens of illegal immigration in added government costs or crime were barely covered. While the networks poured out their air time to the sympathetic stories of hard-working immigrant families, only six out of 320 stories mentioned studies that illegal aliens cost more to governments than they provide in tax dollars. Only six stories gave a mention to the problem of the cost or threat of criminal aliens.

â–  The networks have not dropped the word “illegal” in favor of “undocumented” immigrants, although some reporters struggled to adopt clumsy liberal-preferred terminology. Groups like the National Association of Hispanic Journalists have urged their colleagues to never use the word “illegal,” but the word was still more than five times more common than “undocumented.” In 320 stories, there were 381 uses of the word “illegal,” and 73 uses of “undocumented.” But some reporters struggled to please: NBC’s Kevin Tibbles actually referred to protests by “those who critics call illegals.”

Malkin also links to reports of pro-illegals taking down an American flag at a California post office and replacing it with the Mexican flag, and stomping on the American flag. 

Two words to those idiots that did this: GO HOME!

Thankfully, they got the American flag back up.  The pro-illegals were there to protest Save Our State protestors, who are rightfully angry at Maywood for saying they will flout Federal law and be a “safe haven” for people who chose to sneak into our country illegally (and try to skip ahead of the line of people from other countries).

Malkin also links to some sickening footage of some pro-illegal Mexican woman calling white people “blue-eyed devils” and saying “you stole our land.”  When will the stupidity of the pro-illegals end?

Freedom Folks and Political Mavens have more accounts.

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