Judge Okays Viewing Illegal R. Kelly Tape

Written by commonsensejournal on June 10th, 2006

Sick. According to a recent article, a judge will let the media and public view child pornography.? Isn’t that illegal?

A judge will allow the public and the media to view a videotape in court that prosecutors allege shows singer R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl. In his ruling Thursday, Judge Vincent Gaughan said he saw no “overarching interest” in banning the tape from public view. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of child pornography. Prosecutors claim the videotape was made sometime during a nearly three-year span between January 1998 and October 2000, when the girl may have been as young as 13. Prosecutors and defense attorneys had asked Gaughan to limit the viewing of the video to only jurors, attorneys and the judge himself. They argued that the video is so lewd it would embarrass the girl, who is now 21.

Even though BOTH the prosecutor and the defense don’t want it viewed except by the people involved in the trial, this sicko immoral judge Vincent Gaughan thinks there is no “overarching interest” in not showing it.? Really? Viewing or possessing child pornography is illegal, and rightly so. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose if the media and public can view the illegal materials? R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of child pornography. Other charges brought against him in Florida showed that he had child pornography on his computer at his Florida home, but because the search warrant didn’t specifically state that he was let off (probably due to him being rich and able to hire expensive lawyers who get criminals off on technicalities).Sadly, buffoons still buy the pseudo-musician R. Kelly’s CDs, even giving him awards. Does the public have a right to see a video of him peeing on kids? No. Only an evil entity lower than the pimple on the belly of a snake would want to see that. The proof that he is a rapist and ruined children’s lives is in a tape: R. Kelly should be in jail for the rest of his miserable life. Then he can’t sing, “I believe I can fly.” What a tool.

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