British Professor Calls for Voluntary and Non-Voluntary Euthanasia

Written by commonsensejournal on June 8th, 2006

Another proponent of the Culture of Death uses faulty logic to promote killing patients:

Doctors should be able to end lives swiftly and humanely, a leading professor said.

Len Doyal, emeritus professor of medical ethics at Queen Mary, University of London, has called for the legalisation of voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia in the UK.

He believes that the medical profession should realise it is already killing patients when feeding tubes are removed from the terminally ill. Some would suffer a “slow and distressing death” as a result.

Writing in The Royal Society of Medicine’s Clinical Ethics journal, Professor Doyal said: “Doctor-assisted deaths are taking place on a regular and recurring basis in the UK. They should be better regulated.

“When doctors withdraw life-sustaining treatment such as feeding tubes from severely incompetent patients, it should morally be recognised for what it is – euthanasia, where death is foreseen with certainty.

Hitler would be very proud. Withdrawing feeding tubes actually is euthanasia, so he is correct there. But actively killing an innocent human being is very different from withdrawing life support such as a ventilator, since you are letting an incurable, unconcious person who cannot breathe on their own die in one case–letting nature take its course–compared to killing a human being before they naturally die.

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