Nazi Ideology Sympathizer Michael Schiavo Has a Blog

Written by commonsensejournal on May 13th, 2006

The early 1900′s Germans talked about “Life Unworthy of Life.” They wanted a “law for the annihilation of valueless lives” (Gesetz zur Vernichtung lebensunwen Lebens). The Holocaust began by killing the very young and disabled, then later all of the disabled. Parents of disabled children could write the government to kill their child. This led to compulsory killing. And of course the virulent anti-Semitism that had existed for centuries combined with Hitler’s maniacal hate towards Jews caused the murders of millions of Jews. The Holocaust is definitely a different phenomena that the current slide towards euthanasia and the culture of death. But they are both evil. We must fight against anyone who calls for the killing of the disabled as some “right.” Hitler called the disabled “useless eaters.”

A living, breathing human being was killed because she was disabled: her name was Terri Schiavo. What was the criteria to kill her? She did not need artifical respirator or anything else but to be fed. This woman who had gotten this way from anorexia eventually was starved to death by the leftist, activist courts and her husband Michael Schiavo. Not surprisingly, this Neo-Nazi now has a blog at DailyKos, the leftist (and therefore pro-abortion on demand, pro-partial birth abortion, and pro-killing of the disabled) blog.

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