Massachussetts Port Authority Workers Sleeping on Job

Written by commonsensejournal on May 9th, 2006

WCVB-TV in Boston has this story of sleeping cashiers, some who are paid very well:

For years, Massport has had a reputation as a patronage haven. Now, Team 5 has uncovered a new example of questionable spending.

Massport just spent $21 million to automate parking at Logan International Airport. So what are all those well-paid parking attendants doing now??

After the final plane of the night lands at Logan, soon the airport is asleep and so are Massachusetts Port Authority workers. Team 5′s Sean Kelly’s month-long investigation of the central parking garage found work at a virtual halt.?

Some cashiers, whom MassPort pays more than $50,000 a year plus benefits, were sound asleep, feet up, hat over the face, in their booths.

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