Company and Day-Specific Gas Boycotts Don’t Work

Written by commonsensejournal on April 24th, 2006

With rising gas prices, many people are calling for boycotts of gas on certain days, or boycotts of certain companies, such as Exxon and Mobil. You may have gotten one of these forwarded messages via e-mail or a MySpace bulletin. But a recent MSNBC article shows how neither of these work, since people still need to get to work and would buy gas before or after the designated day, and company-specific boycotts would only cause the companies where people are buying gas from to possibly even raise their prices. The only sure way to bring the prices down is to reduce demand. But demand is going up, so prices will not drop anytime soon. Maybe we should ban automobiles that only go a few miles per gallon, like the totally unnecessary Hummer.

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