The Silencing of Pro-Life Women

Written by commonsensejournal on April 17th, 2006

Selena Ewing, research officer at the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute and a member of Women’s Forum in Australia points out in a recent article in?the Australian paper The Age titled The insiduous censorship of pro-life women how pro-life women are on the move:

When it comes to abortion, women are on the move. They are writing, talking, agitating for change. Women who have had abortions, women who are mothers and women who are not, working women, academics, students – many different kinds of women think society can and should offer more than abortion.

They are pro-life women, challenging the status quo. And they’re not having aloof discussions about other women. It’s about us women.

Yet pro-abortion commentators continue to push the lie that only men want an abortion debate, and that women uniformly support abortion. Why? Why do they want pro-life women to be invisible?

Perhaps they can’t believe that women might question abortion. Perhaps they think these women are simply puppets. Perhaps it’s ignorance.

But most likely, it’s because the lie suits the pro-abortion agenda. The strategy is a form of emotional blackmail. It suggests that to stand in solidarity with other women, we must support abortion as a private decision, as a woman’s choice. To help women, we must abandon them to their desperate “free choices”. To fit women into society, we must surgically restructure their bodies.


A divisive and harmful strategy of traditional feminism has been to pit women against men as though enemies. The same old tactic is being played out now. The effect is to stifle the alternative woman’s voice.

So here’s the truth. Most women don’t hate men, and most women don’t like abortion. Some women may feel compelled to support abortion because it appears that women need it. If things were different, women would rather not have it at all. Idealistic? Perhaps.

But that’s why we need to have a public discussion about more than just having abortions. We need to discuss what drives women to abortion, then we need to find solutions.

There is a new generation, young women who have watched many friends and sisters endure the torment of abortion. They are aware of the pressures of motherhood and the demands of the corporate world. They know abortion is a quick, cheap response to a desperate woman – but that its effects can be devastating.

These women want a debate and they want change. They don’t want abortion – they want a world that accepts them and their bodies. They are part of a grassroots movement that has coalesced into Women’s Forum Australia – an independent women’s think tank that undertakes research, education and advocacy in a wide range of social, cultural, economic and health issues affecting women, including abortion. The membership is growing daily.

Awesome, common sense commentary. Thanks Ms. Ewing.

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